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December 2, 2017

Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a home to hundreds of bloggers. And so being such a huge platform, it becomes an attraction to the hackers. WordPress is constantly being targeted by both low-profile and high-profile security pentesters who may want to exploit the platform for either personal benefit, or for getting an official reward, though the latter is rarely the case.


If you do own a WordPress, then these facts might send a shiver down your spine but not if you’re secured. You can secure your website the hard way or you can do it the easy way with the help of a security plugin. We’ve found not one but three capable security plugins that will protect your site like a vault.


For the average person, it can be hard to understand why a hacker would even want to try to break into your little blog where you sell handmade soap. There are three main reasons:

(1)They want to use it to send out spam email,
(2) They want to gain access to your data, mailing list, credit card information, etc.
(3) They want to gain access to your site and cause it to download malicious software onto your end user’s machine or they want to install malicious software for use on your site.


This point option is probably the most confusing. Malicious software can be installed on your website, and it can be installed in a way that your users end up with things installed on their machines not even knowing about it.

One common use of this kind of attack is to enable an even larger scale attack or attacks. It takes a ton of machines to do a proper Denial of Service attack. Your hacked site might be one of them. Or maybe the hacker is targeting another entity and is using your website as intermediary points for their own personal security.


Because anyone can write tools for WordPress, it’s possible that not all extensions live up to the same code review standards as the WordPress core. It’s possible for a very popular plugin to have security flaws that can impact thousands of WordPress sites all at once.


These are the reason why you need to make sure that your WordPress site is safe and secure with the many security software available out there.


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