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February 6, 2018

Why is a Linux VPS a better choice than a Windows VPS

VPS hosting is a middle-ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting plans. It is a good option for businesses which do not have the money to have the funds for dedicated hosting and the expertise to run such servers. But, before one signs up for VPS hosting, it is necessary to find out what VPS hosting really means, what quality it offers and whether you can benefit from it.

In VPS hosting, there is a physical server which gets partitioned to create many virtual private servers. Each of these servers acts independent of the other servers. Users can install the operating system of their choice, whether they favour Linux or Windows. They can also install tradition software and applications that they feel will boost their business further.

Every server will be provided with a definite amount of assets like RAM or meting out power of space or bandwidth. With VPS, you can benefit from a high degree of customizability much like dedicated hosting. The biggest benefit is that these features and benefits come for a much lower cost.

When you choose shared hosting, you will have to share resources with many other users sharing the same server. So, there are high chances of assets being over-used by some clients.

As a result, the actions of other websites can get affected and websites often slow down because of unavailability of resources. But, shared hosting is much cheaper and perhaps the best possible option for start-ups and smaller enterprises which have partial funds.

With VPS however, you will get a exact amount of computing resources for your use. When you need more assets, these can be obtained easily as VPS plans are extremely flexible.


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