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April 7, 2018

Customizing your audience for Facebook

Busy creating the next most attractive page for your personal or business Facebook page? Make sure you don’t miss out the new “Audience Optimization” feature launched by Facebook. This feature is going to completely change the way you used to reach your audience.

Facebook immediately activated this feature after it’s launch to most of the Pages trying to promote. In case you cannot see this feature, you can open your page settings and activate the features. If you can’t see the options within the setting then this means that you might have to wait a little longer, until the feature has been activated for your page.

If you’ve selected this feature for your Audience Optimization, then this will give you a detailed insight of the audience, which means that it will give you a detailed information of the people who have interacted with the post and in what manner and this will help you to target the audience better and improve the composition of your posts for your page.

By using this option you can make sure that you target a certain audience that matches your criteria. For example, if a blog post has been written for Fashion Blogger or those interested in fashion, then from the option on Facebook, you can choose and specify it in the options. This helps your influence over the audience largely.
You can exclude a few certain people within these options. This can prove to be a very important feature when needing to spread your page to a large scale while excluding a few people.

Facebook is debuting their very own ‘Missed Call Ads’ in India. The aim of this is to increase the sales in the country. For inquiries, you have to give a missed call to the company giving the ad. This usually charges a lot. Initially, other companies do not charge you for giving a missed call. For example, you would give a friend a missed call and the work would be done without charging you anything.

India is climbing up to reach the level of the US and Facebook said that it had reached 100 million users since April. But this is a very small coverage looking at how huge Facebook is. There has been an increase in sales for the companies providing the ads 2X more than they were before.

After looking at all of this you might think that there are no drawbacks, but let me tell you that it is not completely benefiting the public. The missed call charges are quite expensive and not everyone in the country is willing to do that and common man does not have enough resources to fulfill such secondary requirements.

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