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October 30, 2018

Rise of virtualized cloud computing over physical hardware

As the growing trend of digitalization is increasing day by day at a fast pace, the world is substituting its need from physical to virtualized visions extending boundaries. The technology of serverless cloud computing has been an interesting concept for web-based companies with its benefits realized for being more efficient and adaptable. Virtualized cloud computing is basically a system providing functions of a physical hardware in a virtualized (can’t be seen) manner. It can be in the form of shared resource allocated by the service provider or in a wholly owned virtualized server.


The concept of virtualization has allowed extremely high utilization rates for computing resources along with the benefits of real-time processing. It has also proven to be cost efficient with no extra load of physical servers’ allocation space. By eliminating the need of manually maintaining the provisions of a server, Server-less architectures have played a major role in making IT systems extremely optimized, especially with highly variable workloads.


Cloud vendors have also realized this increased demand of the businesses and have started framing their services accordingly. We also have varieties of services promoting topmost qualities with software featuring of WINDOWS and LINUX operating system along with diverse choices between VPS services suiting your needs.

Cloud computing is certainly proving to be more powerful with analytics, and convenient to use with the option of availing managed or unmanaged services. It has made easier for the customers to process their web-based needs without handling any manually controlled hardware. Where the need of space for maintenance of physical servers are increasing burdens and inconvenience, Virtualized servers are gaining an upper hand to make this service more reliant and secured with the effectiveness of software adding to its functioning.


We can see that as the demands are getting digitalized for the businesses, the need for the virtually organized system is also increasing. Server-less cloud computing is also seeing its fair share of hype. And while it has its benefits, organizations need to start slow (with a few strong POCs) and eventually consider a well-defined, rational and calibrated strategy to move enterprise applications to Server-less cloud computing.

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