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August 1, 2017

DDOS : A posed threat

As the time is passing and technology is emerging the loopholes or security threat is turning out to be a strong point for concern . Many remains clueless as the methods for breach of securities are evolving at a high pace . It is always dependent on who holds the upper hand in the scenario . every time a expensive security method comes in the attackers are able to find the deficiencies and loopholes of the system .
As we discussed about the threats a common one we can encounter is DDOS attack .
It has emerged from DOS attack where the the attacker overloads the server with external communication request which results in victim unable to respond due to legitimate traffic .
DDOS can be said the updated version of the above where server is attacked by not just one but many attackers which takes the difficulty or complications to a whole new level . There have been many instances where DDOS attacks have toppled down whole corporations or even web hosting companies . Here the attacker can take control and use any computer including your to attack .
DDOS refers to – Distributed Denial Of Service . It is distributed here because multiple computers are used to carry this Denial Of Service .
You may think that these attacks will be targeted only on the huge and important websites like of banks and etc , but you never know when any of your strong competitor can adopt this method to bring your business down . In some cases hackers target to small websites in order o practice their skills.
It is a challenging task as one can hardly separate these attacks from the genuine traffic . Many technical aspects like server disruption , maintenance process and etc can be mistake taken as DOS attacks .
But there are some symptoms you same notice –
Sudden and drastic increase in the amount of spam you get .
Inability to access websites
Abnormal behaviors of network like automatically opening the files , accessing websites and etc .
Constant unavailability of specific websites .
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